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Asosiasaun Cafe Timor-Leste

Melbourne International Coffee Expo 2022 (MICE)

Asosiasaun Café Timor (ACT) made a big splash at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo 2022 (MICE) by showcasing the rich and diverse coffee culture of Timor-Leste. To celebrate Melbourne Coffee Week, ACT organized a series of events that highlighted the quality and taste of Timorese coffee, along with the country's emerging tourism industry. The main event was held at the Sun Theatre in Melbourne, where a series of short films were screened to promote Timor-Leste coffee and tourism. Attendees were offered …

Aileu Coffee Festival 2022

The Aileu Coffee Festival 2022, hosted by Asosiasaun Café Timor (ACT), was a resounding success. Building on the triumph of the 2021 Regional Brewing Competition, the festival was held at the Projeto Quinta Portugal Agroforestry Center, just an hour away from Dili. The festival attracted a diverse range of participants and attendees from across the country to Aileu, creating a two-day event full of interactive and educational activities. The highlight of the festival was the first-ever Timor-Leste National Brewing Competition. The …

Aileu and Maubisse coffee skills exchange program

As coffee continues to be an integral part of Timor-Leste's economy, there is a growing need to ensure that local communities have the skills and knowledge to optimize their coffee production and hospitality services. In response to this need, Asosiasaun Cafe Timor (ACT) launched a regional coffee exchange training program in 2021, aimed at enhancing practical skills development for guesthouse and restaurant staff in Aileu and Maubisse. The program, which spans over a week, starts with a one-day orientation training at …

FESTA DO CAFÉ DE AILEU - 4th edition - 15-16 September 2023

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