4th edition
15-16 September 2023

4th annual celebration of

Aileu’s end of coffee harvest season

Located at the Quinta Portugal Agroforestry Center in Aileu, this annual event draws interest from stakeholders across the coffee value chain and is attended by coffee lovers from all over Timor-Leste.

Upcoming Agenda and calendar


Aileu Green Coffee Quality Competition

Timor-Leste National Aeropress Competition

Brewing workshop

Latte Art Demonstrations

Nursery tour

Microlot coffee Auction

Live Music

Arts and crafts market

Prizes and giveaway

An event that is consolidating

Building on the success of the 3 last editions of the Regional Coffee Competition, the Asosiasaun Café Timor in collaboration with The Asia Foundation and Projeto Quinta Portugal aime to organize also the Timor-Leste Aeropress brewing competition to compliment the valuable work of Aileu coffee producing families and to incentivize coffee culture in all generations. It will become a collaborative effort to organize another edition of FESTA DO CAFÉ DE AILEU. We hope to attract more applicants, festival participation and attendees across the country to Aileu over two days of interactive and educational activities in a vibrant green landscape.

A collaborative event

The venue, as in the previous editions, will be located at Quinta Portugal Agroforestry Center. Market style stalls will be set up for local vendors, sponsors and ACT memebers to showcase and sell handicrafts, fresh produce, snacks and refreshments. Attendees wanting to catch the first rounds of the brewing competition will be invited for a field trip to a Aileu coffee farm and be encouraged to stay the night in one of the many guesthouse offerings in Aileu. The final day will feature demonstrations and coffee tastings, workshops on home coffee brewing options, Latte Art of coffee brewing for all guests, walking tour of Projeto Quinta Portugal, etc.

A celebratory event

The final day of the Festa do Café de Aileu 2023 will be opened by VIP guests and will feature awards ceremony, and door prizes. All competition participants will receive a certificate of participation and coffee samples, and the top-3 place holders will win major prizes and trophies presented by special guests.

Organised by

ACT in partnership with


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FESTA DO CAFÉ DE AILEU - 4th edition - 15-16 September 2023

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