Origin Tours

Origin Tours

Imagine waking up to views of untouched forest mountains, the perfume aromas of coffee blossom and welcome smiles serving freshly roasted brews. A coffee origin trip in Timor-Leste is a fully interactive and immersive sensory experience.

The agroforestry team at Quinta Portugal together with their local partners will take you on a tour of how the district of Aileu is ever refining their craft of producing specialty coffee and trying new techniques in farming.

Just 40-minutes from the city is Timor Global, located in Railaco, where visitors can see how coffee gets prepared for export. Tour the mega-factory, taste and evaluate coffees under international standards (a process called “cupping”), grab a roasted bag for yourself and still make it back to Dili in time for lunch and a dive.

Book a memorable coffee experience with Letefoho Speciality Coffee Roaster. Visit coffee farms organized by Peace-Winds Japan right at the heart of coffee growing region in Letefoho, Ermera and enjoy scenic view of the highest mountain in Timor-Leste and beautiful landscapes as you pass by coffee farms from Gleno to Letefoho. They offer good accommodation with food as well.

Kape Diem Coffee Lab will take you to the next level in coffee story telling. Fuse an educational experience with sensory activities and stories about actors in the coffee value chain – where you are one of the actors. If you have any questions about Timorese coffee and the beautiful people behind it, look for Kape Diem.