Aileu Coffee Festival 2022

Asosiasaun Cafe Timor-Leste

The Aileu Coffee Festival 2022, hosted by Asosiasaun Café Timor (ACT), was a resounding success. Building on the triumph of the 2021 Regional Brewing Competition, the festival was held at the Projeto Quinta Portugal Agroforestry Center, just an hour away from Dili. The festival attracted a diverse range of participants and attendees from across the country to Aileu, creating a two-day event full of interactive and educational activities.

The highlight of the festival was the first-ever Timor-Leste National Brewing Competition. The competition attracted 18 contestants from all over the country, reflecting the growing interest in coffee production and brewing in Timor-Leste. The participants were judged on a range of criteria, including the aroma, flavor, and balance of their coffee creations.

After much anticipation, the winner of the competition was crowned: Zevanio Freitas, also known as Zen, from Aileu. Mr. Zen is a newly welcomed member of ACT and a participant of the recent coffee training exchange program. We are proud to reward his hard work and dedication with this prestigious award. Parabens Maun Zen!

The festival also featured a range of activities and events aimed at promoting Timor-Leste’s coffee culture. Attendees were treated to coffee tastings, workshops on brewing techniques, and demonstrations by local coffee artisans. There were also cultural performances, music, and food stalls, providing a vibrant and engaging atmosphere.

The Aileu Coffee Festival 2022 was a testament to the growing interest and enthusiasm for coffee production and culture in Timor-Leste. It showcased the rich diversity of the country’s coffee industry, from the growers and farmers to the roasters and baristas. The festival provided a platform for networking, learning, and collaboration between industry professionals, businesses, and coffee enthusiasts. As such, it promises to be an annual event that celebrates and elevates Timor-Leste’s coffee culture for years to come.


FESTA DO CAFÉ DE AILEU - 4th edition - 15-16 September 2023

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