The Association

Asosiasaun Cafe Timor-Leste

ACTs annual general assembly 2021 announced the results of the latest election for the association board of directors. Board directors hold seat for 3-years and is represented by every member category. To the board who served ACT 2018-2020, we thank you for your participation and contribution. To the new board of 2021-2023, welcome

Board Of Directors
Evangelizo Monteiro – President
Afonso Oliveira – Vice President
Daniel Leong – Treasurer

Farmers and Cooperatives
Tomas Pinto – Maubere Mountain Coffee
Henrique Nunes – COCOMAU
Emidio Alves – Fatubesi Estate

Afonso Oliveira – Timor Global
Evangelino Monteiro – ATT
Yuki Ebizawa – Café Brisa Serena
Chaitanya Varma – OLAM

Retail and Roasters – Cafes and restaurants
Mariano Alves – Café Atsabe
Daniel Leong – Rolls N Bowls
Ferdiana Goncalves – Kapediem Coffeelab
Lisong Chen – Hey Day AR Cafe

Individuals and Baristas
Zito Correia Goncalves – Café Aroma Timor
Domingues da Costa Freitas – East Timor Development Agency

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